Custom Fit Covers

Protect your Smoker with a custom fit cover This cover is made of heavy duty, waterproof fabric and will hold up to the elements. Protect your new smoker from the elements for years to come with one of these covers.

Cover 1Cover 2


The CyberQ is for BBQ enthusiasts who want to achieve the ultimate in control and convenience through their home Wifi network. Away from home? Just use the port forwarding feature to view and control your cooker's temperature and check on the internal temperature of your food. You can even program the CyberQ to send you an email when your food is done or if there is a drastic change in the cooker's temperature. Want to take a nap or watch the game? Easy, check cooking status with any device on your network that has browser software. Making a whole meal on your smoker? The CyberQ has three food probes. Nearly any BBQ task you want to do is easy with this advanced control!

DigiQ DX2


The DigiQ provides serious BBQ chefs sophisticated control over almost any cooking device, plus the ability to monitor food temperature. Small yet rugged, this favorite of BBQ competitors features simple operation, a high-visibility display, and advanced control features to help you turn out delicious, perfectly done BBQ time after time. From the smallest pit to the biggest, choose the DigiQ when you want to move your cooking up a notch.

DigiQ DX2